The Midnight Snack

Sex often happens in our fraternityx house. Day, night, weekend, it does not matter, there’s always sex going on. Angelo and Tyler, are two sluts that fuck around continuously. A few weeks ago, Anthony decide to record these two playing around as everyone else in the house was asleep. At one point Scotty threw on the lights and woke up a lot of the guys. Everyone took a camera and began shooting Tyler getting his ass plowed. We know that you guys are eager to see this show going down as well so let’s not delay and see them enjoying the late night fuck.

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Well what can you do when you have a pair of horny guys like them. Take your time to see them having some more sexual fun today, and enjoy seeing them in action. They begin this late night sex session with a nice and sexy sixty nine while they suck each other’s cocks to get each other nice and hard. And then of course, you get to watch them nailing each other’s fine and sexy asses with those hard cocks for your enjoyment too. Have fun with it and see you guys soon with many more amazing and sexy scenes just like always. Bye bye!

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Sundays are always interesting in the fraternity x house. Most dudes are passed out, but from time to time we have a few still going strong. There’s always one dude who simply won’t call it quits. Following a week of exams, Bently was cock hungry, therefore he became the house bitch all weekend. Anyway, you want to have a good time watching a dude stuff some hard cocks in his mouth then look no further as you can see it right here today. Take the time to see this stud sucking some serious cocks for the cameras and you guys. So let’s get started.

The guy was in serious need of cocks to suck, and his dorm buddies were more than happy to oblige him and give up their meat poles to his horny mouth. Take the time to sit back and watch him keeling down and whipping out those huge meat poles to start working them. See him shoving both of them in his mouth at the same time, and see him sucking them off until they both release their jizz loads in his eager mouth for today. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and we will be bringing you some more to see next week as always everyone. Bye bye!

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Coming up right next, a new impressive video that will totally amaze you! Have a wonderful time watching these three frat guys in action, into their dorm, pleasuring each other big time. You got to see this unbelievable action, to see how these three started grab their cocks and milk them, making them get bigger and way much harder. You got to see the entire action, to see exactly how are things about to get going. Have a look at the two of them that were sitting on the couch and see how they are going to have their cocks licked and munched by the third one, who was more than happy to play with two boners.

He grabbed one of the cocks and shoved it into his mouth while the other one was being jerked off by his hand. He was waiting in line, patiently, to be taken care of by that skilled eager mouth that was blowing so good. Enjoy seeing this video from the beginning until the end and have a wonderful time seeing everything that will happen here. See also the latest cmnm vids and have a blast watching those hardcore episodes!

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Frat X Gallery

In this frat x update we have more fraternity guys fucking their asses after a crazy party. The horny frat guys found a freshman to fuck around and when we say fuck around they really got to take turns on fucking this tight asshole at this party. The college guys invited him to one of their party to see what college life really means. Everyone in their frat went to the same treatment so he had to man up if he wanted to be one of the frat x guys. But he wasn’t expecting so many guys there, but after a first two three guys it didn’t even matter. You must see the horny fraternity guys taking turns on fucking this tight asshole and his mouth too. You have an entire picture gallery below and you shouldn’t miss it out!



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Fraternity Orgy

In this latest update from we have more frat guys fucking one another. These frat parties just get wilder and wilder and we couldn’t be more happy that we have all the pictures for you guys. All the guys gathered at the fraternity house for the big game. So for two hours they kept drinking and by the end of the game they were pretty much hammered and horny as hell. So they gave the new guy a try to see if he was good for their frat. So the guys started taking turns on pounding the hot new guy. There were a few guys at the game that night so our freshman had a long night ahead, but like we said earlier we have all the pictures for you guys so you won’t miss out a thing. Enjoy it!

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Fraternity X Free

Another fraternity x free gallery is here for you guys and it’s pretty amazing. You must check out the horny frat guys fucking their asses in a fresh new update. We all know what college life is really about, party, party and more parties. Our frat guys are experts at throwing parties and they have the best ones in the campus. The best part is that they always find a new ass to pound at this party. Everyone that goes to their parties knows how things go down at these parties, expect for this guy. Luckily for him he is into guys and didn’t have any problems having his ass fucked by the entire senior year at the after party. You can see all the pictures below and you better check them out because they are pretty amazing. Enjoy!


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Fraternity Porn

In this latest fraternity x porn gallery we have more horny hunks sucking and fucking one another. The horny hunks were enjoying a night in watching the big game. You already know that you can’t watch the game without having a couple of beers and after they drank everything they had in the house things got pretty hot between them. The fraternity hunks started making all kind of stupid bets on different things. Later that night they ended up betting and blowjobs and fucks. So that’s why you see all these guys sucking off everyone’s dick, that’s what they call a lost bet. You must check out the entire gallery to see what these horny guys where up and make sure you come back for more steamy fraternity updates!



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Free Fraternity Gallery

In this latest free fraternity x we have more fraternity guys fucking. This was taken at the beginning of the year and they had all these new guys to try out. Everyone wanted to be in their fraternity but not all of them knew what that included. After they found out from the older members there still were a couple of guys interested. So the frat guys set up a night of interviews and they got to try out all of the guys. It sure was a busy night for the frat guys but they enjoyed pounding all these freshman guys. Below you have the gallery from their little fuck fest and you will understand why this is their favorite part of the year. You can see all the guys below and if you want more you can check out the newest updates!

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Free FraternityX Videos

We have more free fraternityx videos for you guys, but for today we have just a gallery from one of them. The fraternity guys found a new guy to fuck and they got it all on camera. The horny frat guys saw this lonely guy at some of their courses, so they decided to show him a good time and invited him to one of their parties. The poor guy didn’t knew in what he was getting involved, but he couldn’t say no to them. He was extremely lonely and shy in public, but behind closed doors the guys were surprised. The cute shy guy ended up being an expert at sucking dicks and didn’t mind at all getting his ass pounded by his new friends either. It’s too hot to miss it out, so enjoy the pictures below.


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FraternityX Free Gallery

In this fraternityx free gallery we got more horny frat guys fucking and getting fucked. These frat guys always have the best fun and we have all the galleries to prove it. As usual everything takes place in their dorm rooms behind closed doors, although everyone knows what happens there. The horny frat guys got their hands on a boy toy for this update, the new guy transferred to their football them. After the way he looked after other guys it was pretty obvious that he is into guys as well. So they didn’t have to much work to do to convince him to attend one of their frat parties and the after party as well. The frat guys had an amazing time taking turns on fucking this tight ass. Check it out!


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