FraternityX – Party Foul

Jansen here is a sexy 20 year old with sexy blue eyes, blond hair and with a sweet ass – just great for the next fraternityx video. He’s a freshman and shows up at frat parties hanging around. He claims to be straight however once you offer him a some drinks this sexy jock really loves cock. So once he get drunk at our recent get-together, Morgan was all over that dick milking him dry for this whole hot and sexy video. So let’s take a closer look at how this scene turns out shall we?


As another fresh week started off, we just had to show off this little video here. Morgan as you can pretty much tell by now, is a sexy and hot stud that always enjoys doing some wild things. So he decided to wake and perk this guy up with his superb blow job skills for this afternoon. Take your time and see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion, and see him deep throating it as well when it gets nice and hard for him too. Enjoy this lovely update and see you soon!


Fraternity X Gay Party Fool

This Fraternity X gay party fool scene is one of the best that we have around here and you can rest assured that you will not want to skip out on the good stuff that come with it. This one in particular has some sexy anal action going down and some more fun on the side as the guys around here decided to draw on their fuck buddy’s ass for this one too.

They did get to have heir gay party with lots of sex of course. And in that particular part of it, you get to see some juicy content with the stud as he gets around to have his ass penetrated by most of the Fraternity X studs. Some couldn’t as they were on camera duty. But either way, before it was said and done, you can see the guy getting a nice anal pounding and on top of that gets his ass treated like a coloring book too!




Fraternity X Videos Straight Up Gay


This Fraternity X videos straight up gay show is here for you guys to see and we can guarantee that you won’t want to miss the superb stuff that goes down in it either. The juicy video has this guy straight up lining all the others in an orderly fashion and proceeds to then suck them all off for the rest of the juicy scene. Let’s explore it more in this afternoon shall we?

We bet that you will not be able to take off your eyes from the guy as soon as he starts his little work routine on the rest and you can see that he is really good since all the other muscled studs line up to have his lips wrapped on their meats today. And they just adore the way he can work their cocks with his mouth of course. Well, do take your time to enjoy it as well and we’ll have more fresh and new content ready soon for you all to see!


Gay Porn FraternityX

Well everyone, you stumbled back here at the right time to catch another fantastic gay porn FraternityX scene that unfolded and naturally it has some fantastic guys getting kinky in it as well. Sit back and relax with this new show here and watch as some cute hunks have some more man on man fun for the cameras and you all to take the time to enjoy too!

The FraternityX scene is as hot as all of the rest around here and the guys present know how to put on a superb sex show for you all to see and explore today. The threesome starts with that painted guy getting around to suck off his fuck buddies and make them nice and hard for his ass. And when he was done with that, you have the pleasure of seeing him taking it anally and orally from both those guys too at the same time!



Frat Bro Fucked


Today’s show is another simply stunning one and you get another scene featuring a frat bro fucked hard in it. We know you all want to see the best of the best of these studs getting kinky with each other and there is like usual a lot to see for this afternoon in the scene. So let’s take the time to check it all out and enjoy the superbly hot and juicy action with these guys!

There’s no better time than the present to see what was going on in this one and the kink levels are off the charts. This cute stud was in the mood to take it up the butt and you know that the rest of the Frat guys are down to shove their dicks in his ass if he wants it. Well the frat bro enjoyed his afternoon for sure while he got his ass fucked missionary style and you can come back soon to see even more hot scenes like this!


Fraternity X Full Party Sex

Welcome to this week’s Fraternity X full party sex once more and the incredibly hot and juicy action that goes on and you can see some more fresh and lovely gay fuck sessions with some absolutely stunning guys getting down and dirty with one another as well. So yeah, let the cameras roll and let’s get this going already without delay as we bet that you want to check it out!

The muscular trio that makes this room their play area begin with the undressing part of course, so that means that you get to watch them kissing and caressing each other to set the mood better. Well once that is done, two of the guys bend over and let the third use that big dick of his to fuck them both doggie style for this one. And that’s pretty much what happens for the rest of this glorious little fuck fest here too!




Frat X Gay


As another fresh week starts off, you can see that we have some more intense action for you to see once again. And this week we have this fantastic frat x gay show to reveal to you all without delay in which some more hot and horny guys got busy with one another. Just sit back and relax as you can see another group fuck on that classy couch that they fuck on today!

The guys here are all set to have their fun in the living room as we said and you can count on them getting wild in this one. So yeah, check it out today and see some more frat x action with horny gay guys having their sweet sweet fun. You can count on seeing some amazing gay sex getting done here this afternoon and of course you can enjoy it all without fail too. Anyway, see you all soon with one more fantastic gallery!


Fraternity X Party Foul Part 2


It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. There’s some fresh new galleries or videos to check out and this is one of the former ones. So yeah, check out the Fraternity X party foul part 2 show that we have here for you this afternoon and you can watch the guys that just got done with the football match getting to play dirty now!

They got back from practice and the guy who faulted everyone in the first party foul scene? well he gets to be on the receiving end again today with his friends as he gets to take their cocks in his ass at the Fraternity X dorm. You know he always does it for attention and it’s about time for him to get all the attention that he wants from them here today. Be sure to check out the entire show to see him thoroughly fucked today!


Liquored Up and Fucked


This new gallery has one of the guys here take it in the ass for this liquored up and fucked show for today. He is just too in the mood to care about anything else today and it seems that he finally shows his true colors when buzzed. Take your time to sit back and watch this afternoon show with him getting to take it hard from the rest as they enjoy fucking his butt!

Who’s to deny him the pleasure of getting it hard? well it wasn’t going to be the rest of the guys who were also liquored up too. But anyway, they always offer their cocks to whoever needs them and since this guy wanted to be the man slut for today, you can see him enjoying himself as he gets to bend over and get fucked doggie style for the rest of the scene. Be sure to check out the other gay scenes around the site too guys!


FraternityX Full Party Gangbang

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to this new FraternityX full party gangbang scene that is once more chock full of hot studs getting to party it up hard style and filming it all so that you may enjoy what went down in it as well. We bet that you want to see this one unfold, so let’s not delay any longer and just watch what the group was up to!

This guy here was the one to be on the taking it up the ass end of the whole deal at the end of this FraternityX party and he had no complaints about it. He always loves the others using their cocks during a gangbang to stretch out his ass in full and he made them work hard today for him. Enjoy the oral that he performs with his juicy lips on some guys while others fuck him anally on the couch and enjoy the view of it all!





Party Foul Fraternity X


Another fresh week and time to see a new party foul fraternity x scene for the afternoon. These guys were at football practice and since the guy here was doing a whole lot of foul play, they got to have a party back at the dorm just for him to teach him a lesson by fucking his fine ass. But yeah, check it all out and see him loving that ass pounding he gets!

You know that Fraternity X is the best place to visit when you want to check out sensual and kinky gay fuck scenes with hot and horny guys. We’ve always got some intense gay group fucking action going down that you can see and this was no different. Be sure to check out this guy fucked from every angle and in every position today and while you’re at it, you can check out the other amazing gay content on the site too!


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