Party foul

Welcome on our page were you will find some great dicks. We prepared for you some free fraternity x videos for you to enjoy and have a good time around. Was Friday night and a few of us are getting foolish in the downstairs rec area. After speaking some bullshit and partying hard, all felt like banging a hole. Jacob is an excellent dick sucker. He pretends he is sucking dick for some freebies, however he really loves dicks, Tyler doesn’t have mercy, he’s great shit, and these frat sluts all desire his dick. Things got loco on this vid once Roman got tired. Concept is, when you get tired during a party – you get banged! That is certainly what occur in this great clip.

Well it was another Friday, and you know what this meant. The guys got in the mood to party once more, and you can bet that you will be in for one more sexy and hot scene with some wild dudes having a threesome sex party today. The rest of the studs were out of town, but that didn’t mean that the trio that we had here was just going to sit back doing nothing for this whole day. Sit back and watch as the guy wearing the white tank stop starts to suck on his buddies’ cocks this afternoon and then see him bending over to take an ass fucking from one of them as he still sucks the other off in this nice scene!

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Fraternity X Videos Hit It


It’s time once more to get to see the new and fresh Fraternity X videos hit it that we have here today and you can bet that you will have free reign to check out this fantastic little scene with some more hot and horny guys. So yeah, let’s just get this train going as it were and watch some more intense group sex action with hot frat guys fucking hard!

As this video starts, the guys are already hitting it off for the Fraternity X show and get nude for everyone to see. Then they start to really get busy with one another as they get around to stroke each other’s dicks and do some sucking. See them hitting it from behind at times and at others watch them riding each other fast and hard as well. We bet that you’ll have fun and there’s more to check out soon too guys and gals!


FraternityX Full Video Tattooed Ass

It’s time guys, to see yet another gorgeous fraternityX full video tattooed ass here today and that is of course, one juicy video scene with lots and lots of horny gay studs that have nothing better to do today than nail each other anally without delay. So let’s get right into the show and check out this fabulous new gay fuck fest with the entire group having a nice go at it.

Either way you can bet that the FraternityX video that we bring you is as full of ass action as always. And the guys in this one sport some superb tattoos as well. Anyway, there’s one of them that wants it up the ass the most, so the rest conform to that and have him laying on his back as they start to take turns on his buns. Check out that sexy ass pounded hard style all day long here today and come back soon for more!



Gay Porn FraternityX


Hey there everyone, it’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. More intense gay action to see in this gorgeous and fresh and new gay porn FraternityX scene with some more simply stunning fellows. The frat house was going to get busy tonight with the five guys here and they were taking the time to document it with a camera as well!

They get to set up this red chair in the middle of the room and the man slut that gets to take it in the ass gets to sit on it bent over for the others. And as you can see, it’s the guy with the tattoo on the side of his torso. Check him out moaning loudly in pleasure as he gets to have that ass thoroughly stretched by hard cock today and have fun with the view of it all. We’ll return again next week with a new collection for you!


Sunday Funday

Today’s fine scene has the guys enjoy a Sunday funday with one another and if you’ve been here long enough, you know full well what that means. In case you are somehow new to all this? Well it means that all of them got super duper horny and since one thing led to another, they ended up banging nice and passionately. And lucky for you, the cameras caught all of it!

The room they got into, they made sure to lock as well as they wanted no one else to bother them. Well the thing is that they don’t want to get to unleash a whole fuck fest across the whole dorm room and pretty much limited it to themselves here. Check out the guys deciding who’s taking it in the ass and then see that particular stud bend over and take it doggie style from the rest of the group. We hope you had fun guys!




Fuck That Ass Fraternity X Full



You simply cannot miss out on this week’s simply stunningly hot and sexy show as the guys wanted to take their sweet ass time to get around and fuck that ass Fraternity X full for the afternoon. They have another boaster that claims to have the dreamiest ass, so his four frat house friends here help him prove it to all of them for the afternoon on the bed!

It seems that our short haired blonde guy bit a bit more than he can chew, because as you know, they always put claims like this to the test. So they helped him undress and then also helped him spread those legs too. Watch that ass getting rimmed to get it nice and lubed and then you can see the stud fucked missionary style nice and deep throughout the rest of this fantastic gallery here. Come back soon to Fraternity X to see even more tight asses full of cock!


FraternityX Full Videos He Fucked Up


As another fresh week came around, we figured it was a time to show you a FraternityX full videos he fucked up that you can sit back and enjoy at your own time. You know that we like to spice it up every now and then with some fine ass looking videos and some fine dudes in them, so let’s get this going to see this particular one with a rose tattoo on his back fucked.

Everyone got a bit buzzed and after the whole thing, of course they started to get nice and horny. So since he loves getting pounded anally, the rose tattoo guy decided to let his friends have each a turn going balls deep in him anally today. And yeah, they fucked all over the place and made even more of a mess of the room than usual and in the aftermath they decided to take a breather and jack off as well for good measure!


Balls Deep


Since you guys and gals got to see a dude getting fucked balls deep last time you were here, you are just going to adore this one. The frat house was having their usual gay orgy and party and everyone was banging all over. Well we want to direct your attention from that to this particular pair that were all over one another the whole night today!

They got onto a black leather armchair in the back of the room and they had eyes only for each other, not bothering the rest. And the rest saw that so they let them have a go at it. Anyway, the guy with the thing around his neck sucked this other dude off and then rimmed his ass as well. He wanted to lube it nicely so he can go balls deep in that tight ass and boy did he. He went in an out with his cock for the better part of this scene. Enjoy it!


FraternityX Full Little Slut

fraternityx-full-little slut

You all get to see a new FraternityX full little slut getting down and dirty today. You know what happens to naughty guys around the dorm, and this guy here in particular was all set to get quite a lot of punishment. Just take your time to enjoy the fantastic little scene with him getting butt fucked by his buddies to teach him a lesson as punishment!

You all know that the site Fraternity X is the best place to visit to see some raunchy gay frat guys and they never ever disappoint with the amazing stuff that they get to do. As they always get it on camera just like this time too. But anyway, coming back to our little slut here, check him out moaning in pleasure as his as is full of cock and cum as well by the end of it. And make sure to check out the rest of the scenes for even more juicy action like this!


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