The Chaser

All you guys need to know for this one is that the chaser refers to usually the sluttiest guy in the dorm that’s always looking to pipe and get some of that fine dick all to himself. Well, since this guy with the green cap here is exactly that, you can see his buddies helping him out with a nice and thorough ass fucking here this afternoon on the couch!

They all are set to get a turn on his ass as he’s more than happy to let them do it and on top of that, you will be seeing him provide the guys with some mighty fine oral pleasing while they’re stretching his ass doggie style. There are a lot of images with the guy getting down and dirty here today and you won’t want to miss out on any of this rest assured. Remember to come by again next week and check out the fresh and new update that we’ll have ready for you then too!

See this guy getting smashed by everyone!