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The fraternity x guys are here with a new scene. This time the guys get to fuck the new guys and properly welcome them to the frat house. When you join a gay fraternity you expect a lot of things but none of them ever thought that they would get fucked on and on by all the frat guys. In case you guys want to see even more guys getting their asses fucked you must visit and see their gay sex updates. The older fraternity guy initiated the new guys with a little party and after they were in the right mood they took them one by one upstairs to fuck them. You might think that there was one senior with a freshman, well it wasn’t quite like that because once they entered in the room the freshman saw the room packed with older guys.

This guy wanted to get out of it but the guys took care of him fast as they pinned him to the floor and took care of his ass one by one. The jocks didn’t have any mercy on him as they all got their turn on fucking his ass and dumping their loads. The frat life isn’t for everyone and once you entered that house you have to know what is going to happen. Be sure you guys check it all out and tell us what you think about it. There are a lot of frat gay sex scenes for you guys so stay tuned!


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In this episode from fraternityx cum swallow you will get what you need and want. We’ve got quite insane last weekend within the afternoon party. Lots of us began on the vodka shots. Quickly our interest turned to Jake, the primary dick starving bottom in the house of fraternity x gay. They know sperm is an ideal chaser following a good shot of vodka, plus there is sufficient cum on this vid to fulfill any hungry bottom. Jake’s hole is a real sperm hole, plus this vid is incredibly hot! Several hot frat boys alternate screwing another guys cum hole. What might be greater!?

So once more here we are with another sizzling hot update. Take the time to see once more how these studs like to party, and watch as they have lots of sexual fun with each other as well in this nice afternoon. Watch them fucking the guy with the white tank top in the ass, and see him sucking their cocks too as they take their turns to fuck him. We know you’ll love it and we’ll have more for you soon everyone. Until then, have fun and enjoy the scene!

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Last Tuesday, Morgan was just minding his own things lifting some weights and listening music as his fraternity x friends were occupied getting intoxicated. The fellas had some morning boner going on, and Morgan’s ass was looking very good. So three perverted dudes walked over and fed him their fat cocks. Breakfast was served! And as you have seen this slutty guy before you know that he has the skills to work cock nicely any day of the week. Anyway, let’s get this show started and see the fucking commence.


Of course being as horny as he was, he was such a man slut for this fine afternoon. Well it’s not like the other guys had any problem with giving him as much cock as he wanted anyway. So just take the time to see him in action, and watch him sucking all of the other dude’s cocks nice and hard to get them fully erect. And then see him presenting his fine tight ass for a wild gangbang with the dudes taking turns to penetrate his horny butt today. Enjoy it and see you guys soon with more updates!


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Andy and Will, the two bad guys of the fraternityx house, were up all night getting trashed. These folks were loud, arrogant and annoying, and by Monday morning were very horny. Sexy Grant was taking a shower, and getting ready for some classes when they jumped on him and shoved their dicks into his mouth, fucking him sensuously. Well by now you know that we only have some nice and sexy quality videos here, and that’s what happens once more in this scene. Well let’s just sit back and watch them in action!

The frat guys were all over each other since the beginning of the scene, and they were very much enjoying it since then. You get to see this wild party get even wilder as the guys start to undress and begin working on each other’s nice and big hard cocks as well. So watch them fuck each other in the ass all afternoon long, and see them sucking each other’s cocks all day long today too. For more superb scenes just stay tuned and do keep an eye out for the next updates everyone! Bye bye!


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Some of the fraternity x guyz went a touch too hard a week ago. They wound up in the garage area – sucking, jerking and fucking one another’s holes for endless hours. From all the frat boyz Ethan was the most cock starved one. He could not get enough cock. After Jackson finger fucked him, and ate his smooth ass, he was ready for the major pounding. This living room fuck is quite hot indeed and you shouldn’t miss it for the world if you want to see more wild guys fucking each other hard once more.


Today the trio had sort of a meeting in the living room and you can pretty much tell what ended up happening anyway. Take the time to see them kissing and caressing each other passionately for the cameras as they undress, and then see as the guy with the sunglasses gets to be on the receiving end for the afternoon. We can say fir sure that you will adore seeing that sweet and round ass of his jiggle as he gets fucked nice and hard, and he gets a nice jizz load too at the end!

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Morgan, a newcomer here at fraternityx was out for a walk when some of the guyz invited him for a quick drink. He was not in the disposition for getting intoxicated, therefore when he was not looking we pun something extra in his beverage. This bitch could not get enough of their dicks. We are quite sure he’ll be back for more, but do take your time to truly enjoy this nice and hard style fuck for the afternoon with these hot and sexy hunks as they fuck each other.

We titled the video as we did, because the two guys sure made a whole lot of it until they were done. Clothes were everywhere and this sexy stud was covered in jizz too. Anyway, sit back and watch him spreading his legs on the couch and see him taking that nice and big cock deep inside his horny and cute butt today. Of course he moans in pleasure the whole time, and at the end of it, you can see his ass blasted with a nice jizz load too. Enjoy it and see you next time!

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Jansen here is a sexy 20 year old with sexy blue eyes, blond hair and with a sweet ass – just great for the next fraternityx video. He’s a freshman and shows up at frat parties hanging around. He claims to be straight however once you offer him a some drinks this sexy jock really loves cock. So once he get drunk at our recent get-together, Morgan was all over that dick milking him dry for this whole hot and sexy video. So let’s take a closer look at how this scene turns out shall we?


As another fresh week started off, we just had to show off this little video here. Morgan as you can pretty much tell by now, is a sexy and hot stud that always enjoys doing some wild things. So he decided to wake and perk this guy up with his superb blow job skills for this afternoon. Take your time and see him sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion, and see him deep throating it as well when it gets nice and hard for him too. Enjoy this lovely update and see you soon!


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A duo fraternity x video isn’t our typical pattern, yet everyone knows Benny’s insatiable hunger for cock. Thus we thought Jackson and him will make a pretty pair and a real hot video together. Even Jackson’s 10 inches of male meat wasn’t enough to fulfill Benny needs. Midway through this video, they pulled the camera operator in video, screwed and breed his asshole. We bet that you are just too eager to see this how go down, so let’s see the guys getting to have their fun today once more shall we?

This little hot and sexy video is all based on oral pleasing and you get to see a whole lot of it being done today as the studs end up showing off each other how good they are at stuffing their mouths with cock. Case in point is this guy right here in the video that makes his fuck buddy moan loudly in pleasure as he has his juicy lips wrapped around that nice and thick cock of his and working his hard tool. Enjoy it as always, and stay tuned for more updates next week guys.

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After giving poor Jake some hard time for being a pussy, the fraternity x guys decided he had to suck some dick. It does not take a lot to have Jake on their dicks. A few shots of vodka will do it. He is absolutely the frat house bitch after this one, but as you will see, it’s not something he minds end up being anyway as he just adores cocks. And anyway, he gets to show off his sexual skills as well in this nice and hot little gallery update as well for the afternoon. So let’s see him at work.

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First off he wants to show off just how great he is at sucking cock, and you can bet that the others were very happy with his performance. So take the time to watch him in action as he gets to suck and slurp on those nice and thick cocks with the studs moaning in pleasure at the oral treatment. Of course they wanted to reward him as well, so they ended up taking turns to plant their cocks in his nice and tight ass for the whole afternoon today too. Enjoy it everyone!

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Normally we have no clue what day it is. However Thanksgiving is a perfect time for stuffing hot college guyz holes. So, in the next wild video we served up poor Grant for an evening meal. Stuffed his ass with fresh cum, and screwed it right up in him. Well anyway, let’s get this sexy show started and see the group of studs having lots of fun at this fuck party for the evening. Everyone had the time of their life and the sex scenes are not to miss as well. So let’s get started.

As we said, you get to see one guy being the life of the party as he wants to take as many cocks as possible in his ass for the afternoon, and the other hunks there were more than happy to cater to his needs. Let’s sit back and watch him as he takes the role of a roast horny piggy and takes and apple in his mouth and bends over, patiently waiting for some other guys to take turns and fuck his tight ass nice and hard. We know that you will love it and rest assured that there will be more next week!


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