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Sneak an eye on fraternity x guys drunk gay bareback to see this fucking gays being fucked. Here at fraternityx you will see all of your gay fantasies how they come true for you to enjoy and imagine yourself being in the action and your ass being fucked hard how do you like. What`s up folks, here Jackson. I’ve been hoping to have Jacob all to myself from the 1st day he moved in. His own ass is so fuckable. I adored face fucking his lovely face! I possibly could face fuck this man all day. Simply viewing the tears roll over his cheek, will get me firm any time. Well let’s get this show started.


Rest assured that you will be in for a treat with today’s simply amazing video, and you will get to see some very horny guys having some hard style gay sex for your viewing pleasure today. The scene starts off with the horny Jacob sucking some nice and hard cock and as you will see he was eager to get his fuck buddy nice and hard as his ass was just itching for a nice and deep fuck. And he got it as he wanted. Watch as Jacob climbs on top of that cock and see him take a nice and balls deep ass fucking from his friend in this fresh video today. Enjoy it and see you next time with some more!


Rough Gay Porn

You are in for some new and hot rough gay porn scenes this week to check out and you can rest assured that they are just as juicy as you remember them to be. We got some guys that wanted to rough it out this fine afternoon and you won't want to miss out on their little routine as they get down and dirty with one another in a superb fuck show!

You know that the frat guys are always down to get some action going and they are always happy to show it off to you all on camera as well too. Either way, you can sit back and enjoy this one as it's just a fantastic little gallery to see with hot and horny guys. Well of course it's a group one as we said and that means that you get to see each and every one of these guys take their time to get a turn to be fucked in the ass nice and deep and enjoy the action. See you all next time!




Drunk Gangbang Dump


Well guys, you can be sure that you get to watch this fantastic new show here fully today that we have for you as there's some incredible guys getting to show off how they like to get down and dirty with one another on camera. You can watch the best of the best on this site and this drunk gangbang dump is pretty up there in terms of quality!

See three guys getting to fuck this lucky one, and a fourth that gets to catch it all on film here today playing in a gay sex session that is sure to impress each of you for sure. See that guy on the receiving end as he gets to suck and slurp cocks for the beginning of it and then you can watch him proceeding to suck one of them off as the other one takes his ass to pound town going balls deep in. Enjoy the nice little gangbang that they had going here today and we'll see you soon once more!


Bareback Gangbang Classes

Everyone, this show has something that may be akin to some real bareback gangbang classes going down, and the guys are here to teach you all about it. So if you were ever curious to get to see and learn a thing or two, then let the guys show off their stuff for you all on camera without delay here today. We bet that you will just adore the action!

They have a lot to teach you newbies out there as well. And that's not really surprising to be honest since all of them have the time to fuck one another all over the place all day every day. There's always a gangbang going on here as you all know and well, the classes are in session all the time for that. As you get to see some new stuff in these ones, enjoy the superb bareback anal fucking that is going down and make sure to not skip over a single one of these images!



College Real Gangbang



For today, it's time to go back to the classics and see a fantastic college real gangbang with some amazingly hot guys having group sex of course. You know that the site is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some juicy new stuff with hot guys getting down and dirty as well for the whole thing. So yeah, let's get this one checked out!

The guys get around to make a mess of the living room again with their college gangbang too but that's okay as they're happy to clean up after they got to feel real good too. Intense ass fucking is the name of the game in this new one and the guy with the sleeve tattoo is the one to take it. See him bend over on that black leather armchair and see him enjoying himself as he lets the others stretch his fine ass for this one today. We'll return soon with more content!


Hot Mess

Welcome to this week's superb hot mess that the guys ended up doing and you can see them having lots and lots of fun with one another for you all on camera. We can pretty much guarantee a superb show for this afternoon as you can watch another pretty new guy showing off what he can do with his lips, sucking some hard cocks for the duration!

The show off was quite good and the frat guys know who to come to from now on when they want to get some nice cock sucking action. For this scene and the hot mess that he gets to be in, he gets to have his way with three cocks and as soon as his lips touch them the other guys can't help but moan in pleasure as the guy is really skilled and makes them feel like heaven. So yeah, check out the deep throating and cock sucking today and enjoy your stay!



Gay Muscle Bareback


As another fresh week begins, you are just in time to see a new gay muscle bareback fuck scene with some more hot guys getting nasty on camera as always. You know that we have the most amazing things to show you every time we come back and this particular little gay orgy happens to go down in the bathroom with all of these hot and horny guys!

They got busy right away with each other, and you can watch the guy with the tank top being the one to take it from the rest of the studs in this one. And because of that, you can see him starting to suck and slurp on their dicks with a passion for pretty much the rest of this glorious and sexy show here today. The muscle guys also get to bend him over and fuck his ass bareback before it's all said and done too, so make sure that you get to see that thing going down as well!


Gang Bang Cum

Are you ready to check out this week's fresh and new gang bang cum update with the frat guys? Well you'd better be as we have quite the fantastic little scene to you all with them and frankly we're sure that you will just love seeing it unfold for you all without delay. So yeah, let's just go for it and watch some more gay orgy action today shall we?

Gang bangs are the norm here at the Fraternity X frat house as you know, and because of that, you can always see some immensely sexy and juicy scenes with lots of guys. That's why this site needs to be your go to place when you want to see action like that. But anyway, coming back to this scene, you can see this guy gang banged in the ass and taking all the cum that the others get to shoot between those round cute buns of his. Have fun with the show guys and gals!



Toga Bitch Gay Bareback Gangbang



The toga bitch gay bareback gangbang action is back yet again everyone. Some time ago we had another one of these and the star was the freshman wearing a toga for their initiation party getting his ass stuffed with hard dick. Well you can see some more of that go down yet again on camera and you can rest assured that this one is just as juicy!

The initiation is always one of the most looked forward to things here and you can pretty much see why as well. We can assure you that you can watch some pretty amazing stuff in this one as well with the new "recruit". See the slutty toga bitch getting to bend over and you can see the gay stud taking it bareback nice and deep in the ass for the whole duration of the gangbang that the guys had set up for him today. Remember to drop by soon for some more stuff!


Smoke and Fuck Cum Gangbang


Hey there guys and gals and welcome to this incredibly hot and juicy, new smoke and fuck cum gangbang scene that has the pair of guys here having some fun for the afternoon and you can see it go down without delay today. We're pretty sure that you can find a lot of enjoyment here as you get to watch this pair spend their time together!

The thing is that the smoke and fuck action was going down right as the game was. And it all started with the two watching the American football match on TV in their room and enjoying a beer and smoking. Well as it turns out, they got really horny and they just had to do something about it too. Check them out having their fuck right on the floor in front of the TV here today and you can also see that guy getting fucked getting his ass filled with cum too!


Hungry Hole


As another fresh week started, we just had to bring you this fantastic and hot hungry hole scene for the afternoon with some more mighty fine looking and hunky frat guys. They had a superb threesome on the dorm living room couch as everyone else was either sleeping or at classes, and that meant they had the place for themselves to go wild!

And wild they went right from the very beginning, letting you see them undressing. They get to touch one another all over as they french kiss and turn each other on more and more today. Well rest assured that every one of them got to take it in the ass and suck some cock as they each got to be the middle in that spit roast style fuck that they had going. But yeah, enjoy your stay and have fun with the whole thing as they get passionate with each other here for you!


Gay Interracial Gangbang

Do you want to see a incredible scene here today? Well you came to the right place then, for today's glorious little gallery has some gay interracial gangbang stuff going down and you will not be wanting to miss out on these studs fucking one another nice and hard for the cameras and you all. But yeah, let's get it going already!

There was this new Latino guy that joined the frat house so you know, the rest of the gay guys were happy to have someone with Spanish blood around as they are very passionate when fucking. Check them out having this welcome fuck party with the guy getting to be on the receiving end, and you can see his Latino ass fucked in a gangbang all afternoon long by the rest of the guys around this dorm. We'll be back real soon with more for you to see too everyone!



Stuffed Gay Gang Bang Porn


Guys you are about to see a fresh and new stuffed gay gang bang porn scene with the lovely guys and they wanted to make sure that they did everything right, including capturing every single moment of their little passionate fuck on camera here this afternoon. So yeah, sit back and relax as you get to check out this one!

We know how much you adore seeing these guys stuffing each other's asses with dick and that's mostly why we have this one here and titled what it is. All the guys present got a turn to slide their cock in a mighty fine ass today and you can bet that you will want to watch it all. We'll let you explore this gay gang bang porn scene with them and watch just how much cock got stuffed anally. We bet you'll be quite liking of the result of that. So yeah, see you guys again next time!


Frat Bro Gang Fucked

Allow us to welcome you back everyone. You came at the most opportune time again here today to see some amazing new gay scenes and this one has another frat bro gang fucked by his fuck buddies for the whole show. Naturally cameras capturing every angle of the gay fuck were there so you can enjoy the action from any angle you may like too!

Since it was a lazy afternoon, it's clear that everyone here had nothing better to do. So of course their go to thing, is to have some hard style sex and show off what they like to do when they get kinky. They sure got really kinky for the cameras today though as you will get to watch them taking a long time to plow one another up the ass and of course you get to see it go down exclusively here first. Enjoy this Fraternity X gay scene and come back soon for more!



Late Night Orgy


Today, some frat guys decided to party it up late downtown. And by the time they got back it seems that they have missed out on the superb group fucking that the rest had earlier in the evening. Well that is no issue for them here, as they still got to have a bit of a late night orgy tonight in the privacy of their dorm room and they filmed it too!

The fact that they had a late night fuck is that more juicy though as you can see them doing it in bed. The threesome is just incredible. There was a fourth guy that was there, but he was the one filming the entire thing, so sadly he had to be on the side stroking his dick. But either way, he caught all kinds of amazing and incredible fuck sessions as the trio got to fuck all over that big bed with white sheets on it. We'll be back real soon and we'll have more for you to see!


Loud Gay Porn

This week's new update features some loud gay porn going down in the living room and you can see exactly why that is. It's because this group of guys were taking their time with one other that wanted to see just how rough he can take it. So naturally, some of the other frat guys were happy to rise to the challenge and make sure that he gets what he wants!

It was kind of hard to stay silent and not be loud when you are having lots and lots of fun and you can see why with the guys around here. Either way, it's still a very very enjoyable action scene and you won't regret checking these guys out as they get around to fuck in the porn scene on that black leather armchair. Be sure to check out the whole ass pounding porn scene this week and make sure that you check out the rest of the amazing galleries around here!



Ride That Cock Gay Breeding Gangbang


As another fresh week comes around, we're met with a new show, and you can see a truly fantastic new scene showing off how a guy likes to ride that cock gay breeding gangbang style for this one too. We can assure you that you will not be able to take your eyes off it when the guys get going and you'll want to see it all for sure.

The guy in question is quite good and his ass his highly regarded around the dorm room by the rest of the studs. So when he wants to have a breeding session with his ass pounded in a gangbang, everyone gets down with it. Check him out riding that cock all day long here and you can watch the gay guy moan in pleasure throughout his dicking session for the afternoon. There will be much more to see and check out next week as well so we'll see you then!


Rough Gay Gangbang Double Penetration



Rough gay gangbang double penetration is the title that this fresh and new scene gets to have, since there's some amazing looking guys getting to party even harder than usual and they have a lot to put on display for you all too. Check them out enjoying some fantastic ass pounding action as they get to fuck one amazingly sexy and tight ass!

This guy that was taking it in the ass likes to take it rough and that's why he, for today, attempted to take two cocks up his ass at the same time in this double penetration fuck. So yeah, he had two guys lay on their backs ass to ass and then got them hard with some rough and sloppy blowjob action. And after all that, he had them hard like a rock and ready. See him riding on top and take the time to watch him bounce up and down two dicks going right up his ass today!


Blue Balls Gay Cum Orgy

Well, this is another case of someone being away for a while and ultimately left out from the fun of a week's worth of gay orgies. His friends welcomed him with a special blue balls gat cum orgy here as you can see, and the purpose was for him to get to unload and pound some asses too, but he'd also have to get some anal as well for today, which he was fine with!




How could he not, when the premises for this whole thing was his need to get to pipe too. Well when it starts off, he begins by sucking everyone's cocks too and having his ass rimmed. But on top of that, you will also see him getting to shove his dick in the guy's butts too. The best part is though, when he gets to take it and you can see him make moans of pleasure while getting fucked hard and deep here today. Make sure to check it all out and come back next time for more!


The Stuffing

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to what we like to call, the stuffing here today. The stuffing is this amazing gay scene that is to be quite juicy and you can bet that you will have plenty to fantasize about yourselves after you get to see it all unfold here this afternoon. We bring you one guy in a amazing threesome and you won't want to miss it today!

He and his friends are the same guys that partied late some time ago and had to have a threesome in private and it seems that they found themselves in the same type of situation. Well, that was totes okay as they enjoyed their time together. So yeah, check them out taking time to fuck one another and stuff their asses full of cock just for you to see and enjoy as much as they did when they fucked. So yeah, have fun with it and come back again soon to see more!