Midnight Snack Frat Cum

Another fresh week and time to see this new show featuring a midnight snack frat cum gallery here. The story behind this one is that one of the frat guys got hungry late in the night and since the fridge is too far, but his fuck buddy is really close, that meant in his head that he could just throat that cock. So yeah let’s see him going for it!

Since they were aiming to sleep, there’s no real undressing they need to do, as they are already in their underwear as you can see. So he walks up over to the bed and asks if the guy’s sleeping. When he says no, the other asks if he can have a quick snack and his buddy knows exactly what that meats, taking off the covers and whipping his cock out. So watch that hunk sucking and slurping with a passion on the meat pole for the afternoon and we’ll have more ready for you soon as well!

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