Fuck and Chuck

Some fraternity x guys woke up last day and find out that Grant drank all their booze. Carter had to teach this dude a lesson, so three frat guyz pounded both his holes all day long. In the end they all dumped their loads into his gaping college guy hole.

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FraternityX – Scarface

Our favorite movie ever is ‘Scarface’. The fraternityx gay guyz watch it alot! Fuck we love that move too! Nothing compares with watching Al Pacino rip shit up having a dick in your craving mouth and cock up your filthy ass.

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The Initiation

Anthony met Myles for the first time while taking a Chemistry class at ASU. Anthony caught poor Myles checking out dudes butts between classes so after a few weeks of buttering him up, Myles gave into his charm. Anthony invited him at the fraternity x house for his initiation. Myles really loves college!

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Hungry Hole

Last weekend was legendary! Grant and Ethan, two of the largest fraternity x sluts, were screwing all day in the garage! Benny, another frat slut, could not get enough dick and really wanted to join the action. Grant and Ethan allowed him to join in only to take turns in face fucking him.

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Fraternity X – Blue Balls

The next day after a hard night of drinking, Angelo had a bad case of blueballs. This fraternity x gay dude was jerking off for hours and nothing; he couldn’t cum! Fortunately, Anthony and Roman turned up looking for a hole to screw and how Angelo was clearly hungry for cock, he was allover these two.

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A Hole is a Hole

We found poor Grant shirtless and drunk outside a local 7-11 yelling obscenities to sexy chicks leaving the shop. Somebody called the police, so we told him he could relax at the fraternityx house place for a little bit. The poor dude was so trashed. He was definitely into screwing around and kept checking out our asses. We knew that if we just kept him drinking, he would allow us to abuse his ass. And that because when you are that drunk, a hole is a hole.

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FraternityX – double face fuck

Anthony has been with the fraternityx guys for nearly a year. When we first met him he was selling marijuana on campus and since he moved in this dude simply can’t get enough of our dicks. He’s sucking cock 24/7, and he also pretends to not enjoy it. From time to time he gets assfucked too. Such is the next video. Seriously Anthony, we all know you like it!

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Big cock fucks little cock

During a recent fraternity x gay mixer, we had a big cock contest. Clearly Jackson won with his fat 10 inch piece of man meat. Someone, we do not know who, invited this dude Trevor to our party. He’s got a dick the size of a pinky. So, if you got a little cock – you are getting fucked! That’s the rule.

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Pays the Rent

We normally shoot our fraternity x videos during parties or after them when all the guys are totally trashed. However these guys start to like it 24/7. We’re talking about Jose and Bently. They may say it’s just for the cash yet everybody knows it’s because they simply love cock.


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The Midnight Snack

Sex often happens in our fraternityx house. Day, night, weekend, it does not matter, there’s always sex going on. Angelo and Tyler, are two sluts that fuck around continuously. A few weeks ago, Anthony decide to record these two playing around as everyone else in the house was asleep. At one point Scotty threw on the lights and woke up a lot of the guys. Everyone took a camera and began shooting Tyler getting his ass plowed.

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